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Sep 23, 2020


Welcome to Falcon Enterprise, a premier business and consumer services company specializing in website development. In this section, we are thrilled to present our highly informative and captivating Anthem Podcast MACRA 2020 content.

What is MACRA 2020?

MACRA, short for Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, is a revolutionary legislation that aims to reshape the healthcare landscape. It replaces the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and introduces a new framework for Medicare payments.

Exploring the Anthem Podcast MACRA 2020

At Falcon Enterprise, we understand the importance of keeping ourselves and our clients informed about the latest advancements in the healthcare industry. Our Anthem Podcast MACRA 2020 series serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, administrators, and stakeholders who want to stay on top of MACRA-related updates.

Episode 1: MACRA Essentials

In this episode, we delve into the fundamental concepts of MACRA. Our expert hosts discuss the key provisions, quality payment programs, and reporting requirements that healthcare providers need to know to succeed under MACRA.

Episode 2: Quality Payment Programs in Focus

Join us in Episode 2 as we take a deep dive into the various quality payment programs established by MACRA. From the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) to Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs), our hosts provide comprehensive insights and practical strategies for maximizing reimbursements and improving patient care.

Episode 3: The Future of MACRA

Looking ahead, Episode 3 of our Anthem Podcast MACRA 2020 series explores the future implications of MACRA on both healthcare providers and patients. Discover the anticipated developments, challenges, and opportunities in the evolving MACRA landscape.

Why Choose Falcon Enterprise?

As an industry leader in website development, Falcon Enterprise offers a unique perspective on MACRA. With a team of experienced professionals passionate about healthcare and technology, we have helped numerous clients navigate the intricacies of MACRA compliance and optimization.

The Falcon Advantage

  • Expertise: Our seasoned team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of MACRA regulations, ensuring accurate and reliable information for our clients.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that each client's needs are unique. We develop customized strategies tailored to ensure MACRA compliance while maximizing revenue and productivity.
  • Industry Relationships: Falcon Enterprise has built strong relationships with leading healthcare providers, policymakers, and industry experts. We leverage these connections to deliver the most up-to-date insights and best practices.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the latest technologies and tools to streamline MACRA reporting, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Continuous Support: At Falcon Enterprise, our commitment to our clients goes beyond project implementation. We provide ongoing support to address any concerns, answer questions, and adapt to regulatory changes.

Contact Falcon Enterprise Today

If you are seeking expert guidance on MACRA compliance or superior website development services, look no further than Falcon Enterprise. Get in touch with our team today to explore how we can help your organization thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


In conclusion, the Anthem Podcast MACRA 2020 series by Falcon Enterprise offers an unmatched opportunity to stay informed, gain critical insights, and optimize your healthcare organization's performance under MACRA. Trust Falcon Enterprise to be your strategic partner in MACRA compliance and website development excellence.

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